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“Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past”


Editors in Chief, FP
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Re:  “Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past”
by Paul Hockenos, FP, May 6, 2016

Madams, Sirs, –Mr. Hockenos;

Whenever an article appears in the foreign media dealing with the role of Croatia during WWII, the reader must be ready for a deluge of surreal body counts. For  its part, to show its democratic and ‘unweaponized’ certificate, official Croatia is expected to constantly wallow in apologetic disclaimers and self-accusatory, mea culpas.  When drawing parallels between former WWII Croatia and the present day Croatia your contributor Mr. Paul Hockenos uses the standard memes of former Yugoslav communist scribes. What in fact are the empirical sources that he mines when he slams the minister of culture Zlatko Hasanbegovic for being the “apologist for the country’s World War II-era fascist regime”?   Is Mr. Hockenos fluent in Croatian and German? Well, if he is — well – then, of course, I do understand the standard German self-denial prose.  Has he ever visited the German Federal Archives in Koblenz and double checked his allegations?  Mr. Hockenos piece smacks of the old-style Yugoslav or DDR communist “normative agitprop locution,” or the Soviet-styled “double talk” – which my  B- students would have a hard time swallowing.

He might have added that the present day administration in Croatia, along with its ms media and higher education, is still well staffed with never ageing ex-Communist ex-snitches and their modern divine leftist progeny. Once it was in Moscow and Belgrade they looked for inspiration; now their pilgrim places of preference seem to be DC and Brussels.  For the sake of modest convenience Mr. Hockenos might have added a word or two on the anniversary of large-scale massacres of hundreds of thousands of Croatian and German civilians by the Yugoslav communist strongmen Josip Broz Tito, in May-June 1945. Some of Tito’s surviving cutthroats, although senile, are still quite vocal in Croatia.  Instead of wasting time on the rise of would-be right- wingers in Croatia, a serious FP correspondent should focus on the catastrophic legacy of the former Western darling, the ex-communist Yugoslavia.

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Tom Sunic, Ph.D

Zagreb, Croatia

cell: 00385 91 1722 783

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