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I may not agree with what you say,
but I will defend to the death your right to say it

When ignorant and barbarous thought
Chained the human mind
Inquisitors and priests enforced
Myths now left behind Fool and prophet, Queen and King
Struggled to inject
By force into common learning
Thoughts politically correct

Death could be the penalty
Of one who dared reject
Decrees that superstition ruled
Were politically correct

Martyrs to truth bought with blood
The right to disagree
And colleges became temples for
Minds that would be free

Ideas were tested by debate
Experiment and proof
There were no orthodox beliefs
Beneath the college roof

From the clash of diverse views
Was born a search for truth
Where dogma dared not circumscribe
The questionings of youth

Now, of a sudden, there appears
In colleges of a free land
The bigotry of thought control
Exhumed from ancient land

It matters not the end or means
That seek to compromise
Freedom to talk and to believe
In educate they are lies

To disagree with anything
To defend a point of view
Is intellectual freedom
And what unslaved people do

If with some tyrannies of thought
A college makes connection
Then there must come within those halls
A political correction.

Edwin Kagin


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