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Fighting feminism

Fighting feminism – let’s get political

APRIL 8, 2013

In February 2013 our political party was registered with the Electoral Commission. It’s called Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). We’re planning to change the face of British politics. The party has its own blog

British men and boys have been increasingly insulted and demonised over the past 50 years by angry vociferous women driven by misandry (hatred of men). Men’s and boys’ interests have been ever more assaulted by the actions and inactions of politicians seeking to placate those women, particularly over the past 30 years, with no democratic mandate to do so. Conservative and Labour governments have been equally bad in this respect, and the current Conservative-led coalition is the worst of them all, with David Cameron slavishly following policy directions set by Harriet Harman and other militant feminist politicians over the past 30 years.

Men collectively pay 72% of the state’s income tax revenues, while women collectively pay only 28% and receive disproportionately far more from the state in return. Men pay a total of £64 billion more income tax annually than women, yet they’re increasingly ignored and disadvantaged by the state they largely finance.

We’re receiving support (and donations) not only from men, but also from women, who believe (as we do) in equality of opportunities for men and women rather than equality of outcomes, which require anti-meritocratic social engineering initiatives to deliver, cause considerable damage to the fabric of a civilised society, and result in justifiable resentment among men who are unfairly disadvantaged.

We’re receiving support from women who are mothers of boys, and see them increasingly disadvantaged by the education system.

We’re receiving support from women who love their male partners, fathers, brothers, male friends and acquaintances, and who deplore the assaults on those men’s interests.

One area we find women particularly angry about is the state’s continuing failure to ensure men are allowed reasonable access to their children, if and when their vindictive ex-partners deny them that access. Many women believe, as we do, that such denial of access is emotional abuse of men and children.

On 2 March 2013 I wrote to David Cameron outlining our reasons for establishing a political party, and announced our intention to contest the top 30 Conservative marginal seats at the 2015 general election:

130302 open letter to David Cameron

Our party will raise public consciousness about the many disadvantages and discriminations faced by men and boys in modern Britain, and campaign to have them reversed. We’re currently engaged in a public consultation exercise, and I invite you to contribute feedback on the associated document (link below). Your feedback will help us develop our first election manifesto.

Our prime areas of concern, as outlined in the consultation document, are:

  1. Anti-male legislation and official guidelines for civil servants
  2. Political representation
  3. Education
  4. Employment
  5. Family support
  6. Marriage and divorce
  7. Domestic abuse
  8. Parental access to children
  9. Paternity fraud
  10. Health
  11. The justice system
  12. Rape
  13. The business sector
  14. Homelessness
  15. Suicide
  16. Retirement age
  17. Prostitution
  18. The charitable status of politically-motivated charities

We plan to contest the 30 most marginal Conservative seats at the May 2015 general election. At the 2010 general election those seats were won by Conservative candidates with majorities in the range of 54 – 1,692 votes. I’ll personally be contesting the Bedford & Kempston seat, while Ray Barry – the leader of another political party, The Equal Parenting Alliance – will be contesting the Wolverhampton South-West seat for our party.

While we shall be fighting to win those seats, even a modest number of votes would be enough to unseat the sitting MPs, and could change the outcome of the election. This would put men’s human rights squarely on the political ‘radar’ in the UK for the first time. The parties would thereafter have no choice but to start taking men’s human rights more seriously, and start to reverse 30+ years of state-sponsored discriminations against men and boys.

The hostile, poisonous, undemocratic, anti-meritocratic, anti-male culture which has developed over 30+ years must be challenged and defeated for the sakes of men, women, and children. For the sake of Britain as a civilised society. The challenge will have to start at the ballot box, which is why we’ve launched a political party.

Political campaigns inevitably cost money to run, and we’ve a great deal of work to do. The people working for the party, including myself, receive no personal income from it. 100% of donations will be used to pay for general election deposits in 2015 and campaigning costs. An accountant ensures we abide strictly with Electoral Commission guidelines for political party funding and expenditure. The deposits for 30 seats in 2015 will cost £15,000, and while donations are on track towards that target, we still have a long way to go. And we’ll need a good deal more money to enable us to contest those 30 seats effectively. So I’m making a personal appeal to you. Please donate what you can, to help us make the future brighter for men and boys, and the women who love them. You can make a donation through the following link.

I invite you to post comments on the posts on this blog, and to contact me at any time. My address is PO Box 2220, Bath BA1 1AA, my email address Thank you for your interest in our work.

Mike Buchanan


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